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Thanks for Logging on to Money Makkin Records Official Website as we work to complete the site we have made available below for online purchase below UKT's album "The Life We Chose" and OTR's "How We Do It" only $4.99 for a full lenght album you can't beat that!!!!!







The Life We Chose
by UKT $4.99

How We Do It
by OTR $4.99

Track listing:

Track listing:

1. D. Stickins (Intro Skit)
2. U.K.T.
3. Hood Rich
4. How We Roll
5. Move
6. Make Dat Bread (Youngin)
7. The Life We Chose (Featuring Pay)
8. SDW (Skit)
9. Action
10. All I Need (Hersh)
11. Play My Cards
12. No Sleep (Dynamite)
13. Go Gettem
14. Tok Dat Glock
15. 3rd Degree (Featuring Desperado)
16. What You Know (Solo Q)
17. Heads High (Skit)
18. 4 My Homies (Featuring Pay)
19. No Gun Play (Featuring Lil Joe, Chop, Desperado)

1. Da Gun State
2. Fake Ni**az (Featuring Resses)
3. 12's In Da Back
4. Deadly Streetz
5. Momma Song (Featuring Hersh)
6. Shut Em Down
7. Dangerland
8. Revenge
9. How You Want It
10. Pop Dat Thang
11. Dope Boyz
12. Don't Give A F**k
13. Y'all Want War (Lil Joe)
14. Rewind (Featuring Jose)
15. Da Beast (Big Chop)
16. Born 2 Loose (2nd Degree)
17. You A F**K Ni**A
18. Get Cut Tonite (Featuring Resses)